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These Data Visualizations Show What Was Hot on Facebook and Instagram Over the Holidays

Unsurprisingly, Facebook and Instagram chatter revolved around the holidays in December, with Christmas and New Year's topping the list of hot topics. But there were a few surprises: for one, Christmas sweaters popped big-time on Instagram. 

These Hot Topics Have Been Buzzy With Women on Facebook and Instagram

November was—not surprisingly—dominated by political discussions on Facebook and Instagram after GOP candidate Donald Trump shockingly upset Democrat Hillary Clinton. More interestingly, the digital platforms really shed light on what was on the minds of women. 

WikiLeaks, Halloween and the World Series Dominated Social Conversations in October

In Facebook's world, the holidays are month-long affairs. Every month for Adweek, Facebook IQ evaluates hot topics from the prior month to see which subjects are driving conversation across the tech company's platforms.

Why Halloween Ads on Facebook and Instagram Should Run Earlier Than You’d Think

If you're a seemingly normal person, you shake your head at the sight of Halloween decorations popping up the morning after Labor Day. C'mon, it's still technically summmer!