Facebook Kills Audio


According to VentureBeat, Facebook has killed the Audio application. I had a chance to interview the application creator, Numair Faraz, earlier this month. I have inquired with him about a [...]

Play Dress Up on Facebook


Want an easy way to browse through brand name clothing, put together cool outfits and show them off on your profile? Brand me provides a fun and easy way to [...]

Blackle, Your Energy-Efficient Google


Forget, for a minute, how ugly Google is, and consider all the energy you’re wasting every time you search for “Britney+Spears+meltdown.” Apparently, a post named Black Google Would Save 750 [...]

Karmazin: XM-Sirius Merger Momentum Is Building


Even as Sirius narrowed their loss and raised revenues 51 percent to $226.4 million (and subscriber counts grew 53 percent), CBS Radio division revenues fell 11 percent to $463.4 million. [...]

Google Explores Mobile Network Options


Google continues to keep everyone guessing with regard to their mobile plans. CNET News just posted a detailed analysis of the company’s efforts to date. Essentially, Google is taking a [...]

Fake Vick ad raises hackles of local SPCA


Today’s valuable lesson: Just because 865 people Digged it, that doesn’t make it true. Specifically, we’re talking about an ad purported to be from the Virginia Beach Society for the [...]