An Agency Created Holiday Paper to Wrap the World in Peace

Creative agency Periscope teams up with PeaceJam

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At a time when everyone seems divided on everything, Minneapolis-based agency Periscope wanted to find a way to promote peace.

Periscope partnered with PeaceJam Foundation, an organization dedicated to helping create young leaders, to spread a little bit more joy around the world this holiday season. The idea was Peace Paper.

The agency asked people to create and submit a small drawing or image that makes them feel peaceful or happy. Maybe it's classic symbols for peace like a peace sign or a dove, or the image of a tranquil sunset, or maybe it's even Beyoncé. Whatever it is, Periscope asked people to illustrate that on paper and submit it. The agency held events at local colleges, art fairs and even just outside U.S. Bank Stadium before a Minnesota Vikings game. It also put out a call on social media for images of peace.

As more and more submissions rolled in, Periscope decided to transform the images into a wrapping paper. Periscope plans to send the paper out to its clients this holiday season, rather than sending pricey gifts.

"The holidays are a time of year when we share the gift of happiness and love with others. With so much negativity in the world, this is also an opportunity to promote peace and a beautiful reminder of the joy that peace can bring," Peter Nicholson, Periscope chief creative officer, said in a statement.

For anyone looking to spread a little peace or feel a little more peaceful around Christmas, the paper is available for purchase at All proceeds will go to the PeaceJam Foundation for its Billion Act Campaign, an initiative to inspire 1 billion acts of peace by 2019.


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