Delivering an Authentic Black Experience in Advertising Means Reflecting the Real World

This can only happen if agencies allow marketers to feel fully comfortable

a bunch of raised pink, brown and tan hands
Agencies need to have campaigns that reflect the real world, which only happens when their internal makeup reflects the real world. Jake Olimb

Authenticity at work can mean different things to different people.

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This story first appeared in the Feb. 24, 2020, issue of Adweek magazine. Click here to subscribe.
@judyjacks7 Judy Jackson is WPP's first-ever global head of culture and is driven by bringing out the best in others while maintaining her authentic self.
@AdrianneCSmith Adrianne C. Smith is the first global director of inclusion and diversity at WPP and founder of the Cannes Can: Diversity Collective. She has been an advocate for 20-plus years.