D&I TBD: The Gradient Group’s Founder Love Malone

On talent and action in diversity, inclusion, equality and equity

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Love Malone’s long career in advertising spans both brands and agencies. The founder of The Gradient Group consultancy spent close to a decade in pharma at GSK and Merck. After that, Malone landed in the agency world as a senior strategic manager at BBDO and then had the role of Ogilvy’s global director for four years.

Malone has a keen eye and understanding of talent. The Gradient Group elevates and connects talent of color to the advertising and marketing industry.

Recently, Malone has rediscovered a passion and responsibility for being a voice in diversity, inclusion, equality and equity. Additionally, she has found that leaning into gaps in her experience with other communities is an opportunity to grow.

“I’m paying attention to [all communities] a lot more, because I know for a fact it’s important that we all look at everyone and see ourselves in all different groups and struggles,” she said.

Like many in advertising today, Malone is focused on action across the industry and sees opportunities to go beyond the pipeline to help talent thrive.

In this episode, Anastasia Williams, executive director of the I.D.E.A. Initiative and founder and chief curator of TheAList, joins D&I TBD as co-host.

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