5 Must-Ask Questions for Prospective Creative Hires

Ad Recruiter founder Christie Cordes offers up the essential inquiries

Asking candidates if they accept LinkedIn invites from creatives they don’t know can provide insight about whether they are introverted or outgoing.

Twenty-year veteran Christie Cordes, founder of Ad Recruiter—whose stellar list of clients includes Sony, Jaguar and Xbox/Microsoft—shares her five essential questions.

Can you tell me which social communication platforms you participate in and what you find useful or unique about each?

That allows the employer to suss out a candidate’s social media prowess and assess whether they consider and value social tools as an additional useful means to communicate. It also reveals to what extent a potential recruit keeps up with new and changing platforms.

How do you stay informed about what’s going on in global culture, and where do you feel is a good place/resource to identify emerging societal trends?

Infinite curiosity is a necessary skill for any position. How a would-be job candidate answers it reveals what kind of imagination and hunger to keep current the recruit possesses. To be honest, some people can’t answer this question, which is an instant red flag.

How do you provide feedback to a person who has a poor or substandard portfolio?

The answer reveals if the interviewee embraces tough love—and may throw a weak portfolio back at its owner, for example—or opts for a more diplomatic approach in professional relationships.

Do you think the Cannes Lions Festival is good for our industry?

Recruits usually have a strong negative or strong positive reaction to the festival. A litany of complaints about the glitz, the partying, the yachts, the superficiality are warning signs. There’s a lot of cynicism among creatives, and cynicism kills creativity. Optimism generates it.

Do you accept LinkedIn invites from creatives you don’t know personally?

This provides a sense of whether someone is introverted or outgoing. Openness to making new contacts is a critical part of outreach. 

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Sara Ivry is Brooklyn-based freelance writer, editor and podcaster.
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