What It’s Like Working at a French Agency During the Covid-19 Pandemic

The worst thing for clients (and everyone) to grapple with so far is the uncertainty of everything

The colors of the French flag and an overhead view of the Eiffel Tower
We don’t know what’s coming and when, but what we do know is that we must keep looking. Getty Images

Here in France, we’re managing the beginning of a crisis. It’s only been less than a week so far, and we’ve already been through a lot of hard work in order to be ultra agile and organize ourselves operationally. Every agency is changing their habits in their own manner, and employees are rearranging lives. For the moment, we have a third of our workforce in technical unemployment so that they get paid and their jobs are protected while the rest pushing forward from home.

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Lionel Curt is the CEO and co-founder of MNSTR, a brand storytelling agency in Paris.