On the Adweek Podcast: Which Clients Wouldn’t You Work With?

Plus, the hottest cold drink of the summer.

The U.S. treatment of migrants along the Mexican border has caused an uproar that's affected both Ogilvy and Edelman. - Credit by Alex Edelman, Getty Images
Headshot of Chris Ariens

As the border fight and calls for immigration reform grow louder, two giant agencies are taking two different paths when it comes to how they work with government clients.

Advertising agency Ogilvy and PR agency Edelman have been in the news over the past week over who they work with, and what their employees have to say about it. We go deep on the topic in this week’s episode.

Plus, does beloved scholar Bill Nye schooling us on the science (and art) of Starbucks Nitro Cold Brew make you want to buy it? We put the summer’s hottest cold drink to the test.

This week’s podcast panel is:

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