Order a Whopper by Name or GTFO: Burger King Gets Hilariously Bossy With ‘Whopper Mandate’

BBH London's one-day U.K. stunt is fantastically brutal

A woman orders at a Burger King. A sign on the wall behind her says,
If you order anything other than a Whopper today in the U.K., things aren't going to go well. Burger King U.K.
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Want a cheeseburger? Piss off. Chicken sandwich? Get bent.

It’s Whopper Mandate day at Burger King locations in the U.K., and there’s only one thing on the menu. The chain claims to be serving only Whoppers today, and, to get one, you have to order it by name.

The ads promoting BBH London’s Whopper Mandate stunt feature classic, bone-dry British humor and don’t go soft on the customers who break today’s overarching rule:

“Burger King is not called Home of The Cheeseburger,” notes Katie Evans, marketing director at Burger King U.K.

Through a print ad in The Metro, the brand acknowledges that many Brits likely haven’t ordered a Whopper in a good while, so the Whopper Mandate aims to place the chain’s signature item on “the pedestal it deserves.”

Whoppers are also available free in Britain today for customers who download the Burger King U.K. app or order delivery via the Deliveroo service.

“We are so excited to treat the nation to our iconic Whopper,” Evans says. “The Whopper is Burger King’s pride and joy, and for one day only we think everyone deserves to get involved, tuck in and savor that flame-grilled goodness on us. Burger fans have no choice, but in a good way.”

Obviously much of this campaign seems to fly in the face of how most hospitality-themed businesses view customer service. But the marketing team behind Whopper Mandate certainly seems self-aware about it all.

“The customer is always right,” says Ian Heartfield, chief creative officer at BBH London. “Unless it’s a Burger King customer ordering something other than a Whopper on April 17th.”


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