Rick Has a Truman Show Realization in Pringles’ Rick and Morty-Themed Super Bowl Ad

Chip brand worked with Adult Swim and Grey Group on 30-second spot

a robotic morty
Mortybots promote Pringles' "flavor stacking" snacking technique in the brand's Big Game ad. Courtesy of Pringles

Pringles released its full Rick and Morty-themed Super Bowl ad today, which packs about as much of the show’s dystopian charm into 30 seconds as possible.

The ad opens with Rick and Summer sitting on the couch, watching a Pringles ad about “flavor stacking”, the snacking technique that the chip brand has been promoting during the Super Bowl every year since its 2018 Big Game debut that involves eating two or more different flavored chips on top of one another to create new combos. Summer, in her bored, 17-year-old drawl, asks Rick how much he thinks Pringles pays the people in the ad. “Hardly anything,” Rick says.

Morty then charges in, screeching about flavor stacking with his arms full of Pringles cans. As soon as he makes a spicy barbecue pizza stack, Rick tackles him and rips off his face, which reveals robotic innards and Julius Pringles eyes.

Summer jumps up screaming as Rick quickly explains: “We’re trapped in a Pringles commercial, they must’ve taken us in our sleep.” Ripping down the wallpaper, he reveals another Julius Pringles head on the wall.

It was the show’s “forward-thinking attitude” and its popularity with younger audiences that drew Pringles to explore the idea of a collaboration, said the chip brand’s senior marketing director Gareth Maguire in a statement. With the portrayal of “alternate universes” gaining traction in TV and movies, Maguire added that “we love how ahead of the trend [Rick and Morty creators] Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland were when developing the concept for the show.”

The spot was created by Adult Swim in collaboration with Grey Group, and will air during the second quarter of the Big Game. The ad kicks off a campaign that’ll continue throughout the year, featuring product collaborations like Pickle Rick-flavored Pringles, which hit shelves sometime around the Super Bowl.

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