Why Traveling the World Inspired This Agency’s New Branded Content Platform

Kicking off with a documentary from Cindy Gallop

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After setting off on a trip across the world—stopping in India, Morocco and Italy—Chandelier Creative founder and creative director Richard Christiansen returned to his agency with an idea that would help inspire its people and clients. He wanted the agency to create powerful work that made a difference in the world.

Christiansen was so inspired by what he saw on his trip, all the different cultures and ways of life, but knew that many of his employees and clients had never had the chance to experience all these different cultures. The agency launched Chandelier Culture as a result.

It's made up of everything from branding efforts to a speaker series (called Truth-tellers and Troublemakers) aimed at giving change makers a stage to tell their stories. One of the agency's first projects under the Chandelier Creative platform is a documentary done in partnership with Cindy Gallop. Filmed at the agency's East Hampton retreat, Mermaid Ranch, the film focuses on the social sex revolution and is driven by Gallop's Make Love Not Porn initiative.

"[Richard] came back and we started to look at how do we look at Chandelier as an agency from a culture standpoint? How do we make the team shine brighter, but also our clients shine brighter," Lauren Prince, CEO and president of Chandelier Creative, said. 

Ultimately the goal is to help the agency and its clients, which include Old Navy and Sephora, embrace change and think of new, exciting ways to create things.

"It's important for us to have the resources our team need, where they have the opportunity to thrive creatively and develop new points of views to conquer bigger challenges. By partnering with these influential voices, we hope to give our team the inspiration they need to think differently on a personal level and also for the brands we work with, and continue to make epic work," Prince said.

Other projects include a partnership with the Jane Goodall Foundation that tells the story of her institute for its 40th anniversary, a partnership with furniture designer Tom Dixon, with plans for many more partnerships to come.

Added Prince: "A lot of the content we are creating is drawing inspiration from people, things or topics that we haven't necessarily been that exposed to. I think that by going out and searching for this incredible information and seeking it out, that's had an incredible impact on inspiring the team and that's been coming through in our thinking and our approach."

@ktjrichards katie.richards@adweek.com Katie Richards is a staff writer for Adweek.
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