Havas New York, Woolite and Dress for Success Capture Confidence for International Women’s Day

By Erik Oster Comment

For International Women’s Day (tomorrow, March 8), Havas New York teamed up with Woolite and international non-profit Dress for Success to launch a campaign entitled “capturing Confidence.”

An online spot opens with a street-style photographer Shaniqwa Jarvis stopping women on the streets of New York wearing stylish dark clothing and asking to photograph them. She then asks if they’d be interested in donating their clothes to Dress for Success. The donated items are then washed with Woolite Darks before being passed on to their recipients. The ad then concludes with participants speaking about what confidence means to them before a (fairly predictable) twist at the end. Woolite is just the latest to jump on the widespread femvertising trend, albeit with a particularly well-timed campaign, with the video debuting online the day before International Women’s Day. While the cause appears to be a good one, whether the brand’s intentions are viewed as genuine or just an attempt to cash in on the trend will largely vary from viewer to viewer.

Chief Creative Officer: Toygar Bazarkaya
ECDs: Jason Musante, Israel Garber
CDs: Kate McCagg, Jaime Perruquet
ACDs: Julian Tippins, Dorothy Austin
Junior Design Director: Meghan Smart
Executive Producer: Laura Shuey
Producer: Jane Minehan
Junior Producer: Mark Forte
Editor: Michael Ramirez
Global Account Director: Betsy Simons
Account Director: Jennifer LoSicco
Account Executive: Cherith MacRitchie