Trump Administration Pursued CNN Reporter’s Records in Months-Long Secret Court Battle

By Brad Pareso 

The Trump administration battled with CNN for half a year to obtain the email records of a reporter and insisted it all take place under an extraordinary order of secrecy, CNN’s lead attorney revealed on Wednesday. (CNN)

According to CNN general counsel David Vigilante, the gag order “prohibited him from sharing any details about the government’s efforts with anyone beyond the network’s president, top attorneys at CNN’s corporate parent and attorneys at an outside law firm.” (TVNewser)

CNN previously reported that the DOJ informed CNN Pentagon reporter Barbara Starr on May 13 that prosecutors obtained her phone and email records from June 1 to July 31, 2017. At the time, it was not clear when the search occurred. But Vigilante told the news outlet Wednesday that in July 2020, the DOJ demanded CNN produce what would have been 30,000 email records from Starr. (The Hill)

Vigilante said that representatives from the network, as well as The New York Times and Washington Post, would meet on Monday with attorney general Merrick Garland. (Deadline)