24 Hours in Advertising: Friday, Jan. 16, 2015

Mercedes mocks fashion ads, Target flees Canada, and BMW returns to the Big Game

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Here's everything you need to know about the last 24 hours in advertising, in case you blinked.

Buzzing on Adweek:

Google Glass is more than ready for a reinvention

As the much-maligned wearable goes off-market for a retooling under Nest's founder, you don't have to search hard to see why the gadget needs a fresh start. (Adweek)

Target's botched invasion of Canada

The retailer is ending its massive expansion into Canada, and retail industry experts say it was a case of simply not bothering to grow slowly and talk to the locals. (Adweek)

Buffalo Wild Wings taps Twitter for the Big Game

The restaurant chain didn't buy any airtime for the upcoming Super Bowl but instead will be all over social media, using people's Tweets to recap the game via fun sportscasts. (Adweek)

Mercedes-Benz pokes fun at Fashion Week

As the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in Berlin approaches, the automaker, which sponsors the festivities, released a hilarious spot making fun of fashion ads. (Adweek)

Famous Instagram dads star in new Nikon ad

Kordale and Kaleb Lewis, a gay couple who took the Internet by storm with an Instagram photo showing their morning routine with their two daughters, star in a new spot for Nikon. (Adweek)

BMW returns to the Super Bowl

After four years away from the Super Bowl, BMW announced it would run a 60-second spot this year promoting the brand's plug-in car. (Adweek)

Martin Scorsese brings DiCaprio and De Niro together

A new trailer for The Audition finally brings together Leonardo DiCaprio and Robert De Niro under Martin Scoresese's direction, but as it turns out, the trailer is actually an ad for two casinos. (Adweek)

Around the Web:

BlackBerry denies Samsung buyout 

Samsung Electronics allegedly approached BlackBerry about a potential buyout for up to $7.5 billion, but BlackBerry denied the reports. (Forbes)

Super Bowl advertiser explains why pricey ads are worth it

Wix.com, a first-time advertisers at the Super Bowl, told Business Insider why a $4.5 million price tag for a 30-second spot is completely worth it. (Business Insider)

Discovery Channel's founder makes his own Netflix

John Hendricks, founder of Discovery Channel, will launch his own streaming service CuriosityStream this March to hopefully rival Netflix. (The Wall Street Journal)

Internet rages over photoshopped Bruce Jenner photo

In Touch magazine slapped a photoshopped image of Bruce Jenner coupled with some sensationalized headlines on its latest issue and the Internet is not too pleased. (PR Newser)

Bethany Frankel expands her brand

The founder of the well-known Skinnygirl products announced she wants to enter the marijuana market with a unique product, Skinnygirl marijuana, that stops any post-smoking hunger. (US Weekly)

Bud Light gets a delivery app

If you live in the Washington, D.C. area (and have an Android) you can get Anheuser-Busch to deliver between one and 100 cases of beer to your doorstep within an hour. (Fortune)

Advertisers tap 'Pinfluencers' to run Pinterest ads

It turns out some advertisers aren't actually paying Pinterest to run ads on the pinning website but are instead hiring Pinterest influencers, or 'Pinfluencers,' to help sell their products. (The Wall Street Journal)

Industry Shake-Ups:

BBH takes over for Tesco

British grocery chain Tesco announced longtime agency Wieden + Kennedy would no longer be working for the company and would be replaced by BBH London. (Adweek)

Ignited gets its first CCO

Ignited's Los Angeles office named Eric Springer, previously CCO of FCB West, as its first chief creative officer. (Adweek)

Cutbacks at Havas New York

A representative from the Havas New York office confirmed the agency laid off a small number of its staff, less than two percent, this week. (AgencySpy)

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