7 Totally Awesome TV Spots From the Last Time the Royals Were in the World Series

1985 was all about MacGyver and American-brewed suds

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When Kansas City hosts San Francisco in Game 1 of the World Series tonight on Fox, expect the year 1985 to be referenced about 1,985 times during the broadcast. That's probably an exaggeration, but the Royals—which hadn't even made the first round of the MLB playoffs since '85 before this season's memorable run—have truly captured the imaginations of underdog-loving baseball fans.

And the Midwestern team has inspired Gen Xers to look back three decades. In the spirit of this "Rock Me Amadeus" retro moment, we dug up seven nostalgically awesome commercials that aired during ABC's broadcasts of the 1985 World Series between the Royals and St. Louis Cardinals.

We found a lot of beer spots and house ads, but thank you, YouTube. Thank you very much.

Stroh's is spoken here, folks.

Hey, it's MacGyver.

Head for the mountains, and apparently you'll be happy you did.

David Doyle of Charlie's Angels fame was great at voiceovers, wasn't he?

Remember the Civil War mini-series North and South? If so, you are not especially young anymore.

Budweiser reigned supreme back when baseball was still the king of pastimes.

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