Ad of the Day: Ads Don’t Get Much More Joyfully Hypnotic Than Samsung’s Latest

Kinetic collage for the Galaxy Note 4 S-Pen

Ad agency Heaven and the directing duo Vallée Duhamel rolled out this quirky video set to electronic music for the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 S-Pen. Titled "Creativity at Work," it makes a sort of kinetic collage out of all the arts and crafts materials the S-Pen can emulate.

The aesthetics on display here, especially the color palette, wouldn't have been out of place in an early MTV video, to the point where I might suggest muting the video and listening to Peter Gabriel's "Big Time" while you watch.

It's a joy to watch, if not exactly groundbreaking, and the reaching-into-the-desk part shows that they're willing to play with form a bit.

Check it out below, along with the making-of video.


Client: Samsung

Agency: Heaven

Directors & Visual Concept: Julien Vallée & Eve Duhamel (Vallée Duhamel)

Art Director: Carolyne De Bellefeuille

Graphic Manager: Olivier Charland (Vallée Duhamel)

Set Manager: Jean-Constant Guigue (Vallée Duhamel)

Art Department: Frédéric Bouin, Thomas Salaun, Faye Duhamel

DOP: Jean-Philippe Bernier

Production Manager: Inès Steinmetzer (Vallée Duhamel)

Director Assistant: Karine Lamontagne

Hair and Make-up Artist: Léonie Lévesque

Dresser: Valérie Brousseau

Casting Director: Roxanne Doucet

Location Researcher: Anouck Serra Godard

Chief Electrical Officer: Hugo Roy

Key Grip: Stéphane Klopp

Choreographer: Steve Bolton

Choreographer Assistant: Lorena Liebman

Assistant Cameraman: Mathieu Nadon

Sound man: Dominic Heizmann

Editor: Josh Sherett @ The Workshop

Color grading: Mathieu Marano

Music: XS Music David Kiefaber is a frequent contributor to Adweek's creativity blog, AdFreak.