Ad of the Day: Orange

Silence your mobile phone at the movies, or the telecom's obnoxious security police will hunt you down

Why does everybody hate the TSA so much?

Totally kidding. I know why. Orange, a French telecom, scores points off our very own Transportation Safety Administration in the silence-your-cell-phone ad below from Fallon London, now running in British cinemas. And you can practically hear American voices cheering them on.

The ad gets a lot of the entertainment-news trappings surprisingly right in a commercial clearly styled after an Access Hollywood-style newsmagazine. The establishing footage from across the lobby of the guard talking to the crowd looks very familiar, as does the quick jump into the "P-97" alert, apparently rent-a-cop jargon for "hiding her cell phone in a tub of popcorn." There are a few of these Orange ads out there, by the way, and you can only watch so many of them before you remember how much the Brits love anything that makes Americans out to be idiots. (There's a reason The Simpsonsis so popular over there.) As with any comedy, the more specific it is, the funnier it is—and while the TSA presents a fat target, these guys have clearly been on enough flights to know exactly how important everyone working there wants you to know they are.

Some of the jokes wander into security-guard territory. ("I will pat you down to Chinatown"?) Perhaps I'm being picky, but are we going for the TSA itself or some TSA-Mall Ninja hybrid? I'm going to be charitable and assume the latter, because I really like the "canine strike force" bit at the end where the dog runs off.

The punch line—for me, anyway—is that there are actually movie theaters in Brooklyn where they more or less do this, albeit without the metal detectors. They're not looking for cell phones, though. They're looking for candy you bought at the drug store for less than $10. I'm sure anyone who loses a box of Junior Mints is tempted to say, "You should totally call the cops. I bet they love you guys." I'd say that's why the spot works, too.


Client: Orange

Director of Brand Communications: Spencer McHugh

Agency: Fallon, London

Executive Creative Director: Santiago Lucero

Creative: Sam Hibbard

Creative: Dan Watts

Creative: Avril Furness

Creative: Miles Carter

Agency Producer: Jo Charlesworth

Producer: Benjamin Howell

Director: James Rouse

Production Company: Outsider

Director of Photography: Stoeps

Editorial Company: Work

Editor: Ben Jordan

Editor: Rachel Spann

Postproduction: MPC

Audio Post Production: Anthony @ Factory

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