Behr’s ASMR Video Introduces You to the Soothing Sounds of Painting

Just in time to ease your holiday-induced anxiety

Behr released a calming ASMR video this month. Behr
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Who knew paint could sound so good? Behr did.

The paint manufacturer is hopping on board the ASMR train, releasing a nearly five-minute-long video filled with all the satisfying sounds associated with paint—the pop of a paint can lid, the soothing swish of a brushstroke, the calming whirl of a stick in paint.

ASMR, if you’re not familiar, stands for autonomous sensory meridian response—which means that pleasure-filled, tingling sensation you get when you hear or see something that sounds soothing and relaxes you. It’s a major trend in online video, as well as advertising: KFC, Applebee’s and Zippo are just a few of the brands that hopped on board with ASMR this year.

The video takes the viewer throughout the painting process: Selecting a color (with a satisfying tap of a finger on the paint chips), opening the paint can and mixing it, pouring it into a tray, swirling your brush in the can and wiping off the excess, taping a border around your wall, and then, of course, that first stroke of paint against the surface. It’s not only calming to listen to, but also to watch—the repetitive strokes and gradual covering of an area of a wall with paint.

Jodi Allen, CMO at Behr Paint Company, said that the video is all about embracing the soothing sounds that come from the painting experience.

“Seasoned DIYers will recognize the satisfying soundtrack of the painting process,” she said. “Paint and color are a great way to create more soothing and restful moments in your home.”

Of course, the ASMR video is also an opportunity for Behr to show off its paint color selection: In the video’s description on YouTube, the paint colors shown in each clip are included, like Watery HDC-CT-26, Amber Autumn S290-5 or Sand Dance S190-2.

The selection of the colors included wasn’t random, according to Allen. She said: “The colors featured in this video were handpicked by Behr color experts to evoke a sense of peace and tranquility in any space.”

@dianapearl_ Diana is the deputy brands editor at Adweek and managing editor of Brandweek.