BEST SPOTS: Diet Mountain Dew: JUST DEW IT

For the launch of Diet Mountain Dew, BBDO/New York goes to, and in some cases over, the edge. In the debut spot for the PepsiCo product, the daredevil antics of boogie boarders and BASE jumpers are combined with the ultimate in macho one-upmanship.
The David Kellogg-directed commercial shows hyperspeed shots of arguably insane feats and cuts to four unimpressed MTV Sports-style jocks. ‘Did it,’ ‘Done it,’ ‘Doin’ it tomorrow,’ they say. Then a can of Diet Mountain Dew is thrust into their hands and the foursome is floored to find something they haven’t done. Over a grunge-music soundtrack, the tagline screams ‘You’ve never done nothin’ ’til you do Diet Dew!’
Perhaps the spot’s most treacherous stunt involved BASE (Building, Antenna, Span and Earth) jumper Matt McCanter, who leaped off a 1,200-foot cliff in the Grand Canyon. The eight-second jump required four takes, says copywriter Bill Bruce, and each time McCanter waited five seconds to open his parachute.
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