FCB/Leber Katz Partners has come up with a novel way to get across the point that Milk-Bone dog biscuits aren’t just a way to reward your pup for rolling over or playing dead. The 15-second, single-shot ad, produced by Herb Miller, focuses on a partially opened bathroom door. From behind the door come the sounds of teeth being brushed, followed by a gargling noise. When the hygiene ritual is finished, the bathroom light clicks off and a floppy-eared basset hound waddles out.
The dog gives a passing glance at the camera that seems to say ‘The bathroom’s all yours,’ and pads offscreen. Then comes the ‘Twice a day, every day’ tagline to remind dog owners of Milk-Bone’s teeth-cleaning benefits. Group creative director Sam Gulisano says 12 ‘low-to-the-ground dogs’ were on the set and the shoot was supposed to be with a dachshund. ‘But we were looking for that new face, that quirkiness,’ Gulisano explains. The producers gave the basset hound a shot and the dog hit its mark in one take.
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