Big Spaceship Names Its First President After 16 Years in Business

Rob Thorsen will help lead and grow the company

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Brooklyn-based agency Big Spaceship announced today Rob Thorsen, former managing director, has been elevated to president of the agency, effective immediately. Thorsen will be the first person in the agency's 16-year history to hold that title.

Agency CEO Michael Lebowitz said he didn't really decide to create the role, but rather Thorsen was already doing all of the things a president would do anyway. "Rob was really performing at a level of service to the company and had ingrained himself even more deeply than I could have asked for in the high-level functioning of the company," Lebowitz told Adweek.

Following conversations between Lebowitz and Thorsen, Lebowitz said one of the main reasons he originally hired Thorsen was because he clearly understood the agency's mission and its dedication to culture.

In the new role, Thorsen will continue to manage all of the day-to-day operations for the agency from bringing in new employees that fit the agency's culture to managing client relationships. Moving forward, Lebowitz said Thorsen will be tasked with helping the agency grow and moving it in the right direction.

Over the past two years, some of his greatest accomplishments at Big Spaceship include integrating the shop's data and analytics practice into the agency "because the demand we are hearing from or clients for those services is only increasing," Lebowitz said.

"The output of the agency is always going to continue to evolve and the nature of the challenges that we are trying to resolve will evolve, but ultimately it's still the same job. It's about finding and bringing together the right people, to find the right solutions, to get to the right outcomes," Thorsen told Adweek.

Thorsen, who held his managing director role for over two years, got his start as one of the original BBH employees in the U.S. where he helped introduce the Axe brand to the world. He also spent time at Mother New York working with AB/InBev and BBDO New York managing Best Buy, Hyatt, Starbucks and the American Red Cross. 

@ktjrichards Katie Richards is a staff writer for Adweek.