Burnett Adds Intrigue to Olds

DETROIT-The splashy campaign for General Motors’ Oldsmobile division’s all-new Intrigue, breaking in movie theaters this Friday, is a hint of things to come, said Oldsmobile advertising manager Mike Sands.
The division has just begun working on marketing plans for the all-new Olds Alero-set to go on sale next summer. Olds’ high-impact approach to the Intrigue campaign will likely be repeated for the Alero, Sands said. Olds and agency Leo Burnett, Chicago, boosted the production budget in filming the four spots for the estimated $30 million Intrigue campaign. They hired a train, a ferry and multiple helicopters, as well as high-profile Hollywood director Tony Scott.
“We made the decision very early on, that given the importance of the Intrigue to the Oldsmobile franchise, that we had to pull out all the stops on production-that the impact of these commercials had to be overwhelming,” Sands said. “This was certainly the largest single production job that Oldsmobile has ever done.”
In partnership with ScreenVision and Cineplex Odeon, Oldsmobile breaks its nationwide campaign in theaters nationwide. It will run on more than 6,000 screens in July and August. One 60-spot, “Train,” will run in theaters, as will a special version of a 60-second spot, “Embassy,” which will air in conjunction with a special in-theater promotion.
Those two ads, along with a third 60-second spot, “Tracking Device,” will make their debut on network TV July 28. Also, Olds retailers now can air a 30-second teaser spot, “Helicopter,” locally. All feature the tagline “A sophisticated twist on a sports sedan.”
“It’s a very soft sell on the product until the end,” said director Scott, whose credits include Top Gun and Crimson Tide. “You think you’re watching a film until then. The car is integrated into the spots. You [the viewer] never get a product shot; the car is more like a main character in a piece.” -with Teresa Buyukian

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