C-K Touts LaSalle’s Connections

Missed connections of the sort that hinder financial gain are at the heart of a new campaign for LaSalle Bank from Cramer-Krasselt.
The Chicago-based bank positions itself as the middleman for commercial customers in a series of print ads from the Chicago shop. Photos depict businessmen passing one another by without knowing how much they could help each other.
“Big-time entrepreneur looking to gobble up longtime competition,” reads a blurb pointing to a guy making a turn in a small white sports car at a busy downtown intersection. “Head of a private equity group in an investing mood,” reads further copy, indicating a man in a luxury sedan stopped at the same intersection.
The headline in each ad suggests, “For every business problem there are people with solutions. This is how to find them.”
The campaign maintains LaSalle’s longtime tagline, “The bank that works.”
Other executions show people failing to connect despite sitting at the same lunch counter or passing each other on a walkway at the airport.
Print work is complemented with radio, which also emphasizes the potential for missed opportunities.
Spending was not disclosed. The bank’s account has been estimated in the $5-7 million range.

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