Campbell-Ewald Builds Up Zyan

Campbell-Ewald/West has created its first campaign for DSL provider Zyan Communications.
Radio and print ads broke earlier this month in major U.S. cities. The campaign targets primarily small and midsized businesses, according to Ian McGregor, the Los Angeles agency’s executive vice president and managing director.
“This is a company where customer service is a high priority,” McGregor said. “They’re in a burgeoning category with a lot of other players. It’s important for them to get a foothold.”
The Los Angeles company wants to build brand recognition and hopes the ads will drive subscription growth. Its flagship service, DSL Speed, is designed to provide dedicated, always-on Internet access.
One print ad reads, “Blistering speed. Without the blisters,” and shows photos of a man subjected to G forces. The ads are running in newspapers and break in magazines next month.
The agency was tapped to handle the
estimated $3-5 million account last month, after an informal review of shops. Zyan had previously used a roster of small, undisclosed agencies.
“[Campbell-Ewald is] a smart agency with a track record of developing highly targeted and imaginative creative for other new high-tech clients,” said Tom Bracken, Zyan’s vice president of marketing.
Bracken had worked with Campbell-Ewald when he was at DirecTV. He moved to Zyan in October.