You’ve Never Heard of, but That’s About to Change

Tire seller's ad budget expanding to $25M with new agency

Ever hear of online tire retailer

No? Well, that explains why the brand is increasing its media spending and has hired a new lead agency, Cramer-Krasselt in Chicago, according to sources. Annual media spending, which in the past has totaled less than $1 million, is expected to rise to $25 million next year.

RightTurn selected C-K after a review in which there were two other finalists: Doner and Possible, sources said. Roth Observatory International in New York managed the search.

The assignment encompasses not only making ads but also planning and buying media for them. In addition, C-K will handle public relations and analytics efforts. The new agency succeeds Brokaw in Cleveland.

RightTurn, a tire dealer network that's part of Cleveland-based Dealer Tire, helps consumers to find all types of tires—based on their vehicle types, how much they drive and other factors—and a local dealer that can install them. You pay for the tires and installation up front, and then RightTurn ships them to the dealer for installation.

Past marketing efforts have included animated online videos like this one that explain how RightTurn works:

C-K's first big campaign is expected in the spring. The agency referred calls to RightTurn, which had no immediate comment.