Created for Election Season, This Website Lets You Vote for Your Favorite Political Memes

Big Spaceship celebrates key campaign moments

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How do you feel about Donald Trump barfing Snapchat rainbows? Maybe you prefer Ted Cruz accidentally hitting a kid in the head with a football or a classic Hillary Clinton face swap with Trump. Whatever your preference is in political memes, there's now a website where you can vote for your favorites thanks to digital agency Big Spaceship.

The Brooklyn-based shop created the site,, which features more than 200 memes from the campaign trail this year (with many more sure to come). This is how it works: Two memes appear side by side, and users can vote for the one they prefer. The site then shows the chosen meme's overall ranking among all the memes on the site.

A small group within the agency came up with the idea during a recent hack day, which was focused on creating weird, sharable things for the internet.

Big Spaceship CEO Michael Lebowitz said the idea for the site stood out in part because of its timeliness but also because this year's election "is really the first election where internet culture is playing a huge role," Lebowitz said.

While it was designed to be a fun voting site, Lebowitz said he sees other benefits as well. "Maybe there's a potential to understand more deeply why things are going on and why certain things are popular at certain moments in time," he said.

Big Spaceship's svp of social media, Victor Pineiro, added, "Things get really interesting when we start being able to parse the data and getting a sense of what role memes are playing throughout the election."

Users have voted for their favorite memes over 22,000 times since the site launched. Seventy percent of the top 50 vote-getters feature Republicans, 24 percent are of Democrats and 6 percent show both. Trump is featured in 22 of the top 50 memes followed by Bernie Sanders, who's in 13.

As more internet-worthy moments occur during the campaign, the Big Spaceship team will continue to add to the list and encourage people to continue voting. It could be hard to top Trump's first-place "Scurred" meme (shown below), which also features Sanders.


@ktjrichards Katie Richards is a staff writer for Adweek.
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