Cup Noodles Unleashes a Torrent of Goofy Ads That Are as Snackable as the Product

Hijinks from High Wide & Handsome

There’s a face in my soup!

Ad agency High Wide & Handsome serves up steaming spoonfuls of silliness for Nissin Cup Noodles in brief online spots that boast, among other sophomoric sights, some guy’s head bobbing in broth, spouting faux philosophy:

There’s also a cosplay-themed clip with a Spock/devil hybrid who pitches until he’s blue in the face (or is it purple?):

And if watching animated veggies jump rope is your thing, you won’t want to skip this next ad:

“The videos are fun, snackable bites of content with a dash of the unexpected—easy to watch, and good for a smile or a laugh,” Cup Noodles director of marketing Jaclyn Park tells AdFreak. “We’re running these videos where our audience is already spending time, doing the things they enjoy—watching Hulu, streaming video game matches on Twitch. And because we have so many different videos that are all quick and distinct, we’re keeping things interesting.”

You know what’s really “interesting”? Seeing folks get corn and green gunk stuck in their teeth:

Other spots take the form of whisssperrrred confessions:

Those particular ads were “inspired by actual anecdotes we heard in research—little moments of truth that our fans can relate to,” says agency creative director Jarrett Farls. “We kept the format simple so we can create lots of them and include more fan submissions over time.”

Though wacky, the new work isn’t nearly as over the top as High Wide & Handsome’s first ads for Cup Noodles last year. This time around, client and agency just want to whet the audience’s appetite instead of spilling cray-cray all over their laps.

“A lot of brands try to take more credit than they deserve for the role they play in a consumer’s life,” says Park. “As a product, Cup Noodles gives consumers a quick, warm feeling. We think our advertising should do the same thing. When it does, people will think, ‘I’m in the mood for a Cup Noodles.’ It’s really that simple.”

Agency: High Wide & Handsome

AD/Creative Director: Jarrett Farls
CW/Creative Director: Damian Fraticelli
Chief Creative Officer: Mike Wolfsohn
Account Director: Rita Benedum
Director of Client Services: Magnus Morgan
Agency Producer: Diego Espana
Production Director: Ginny Turner

Client: Nissin Foods, USA

Vice President of Marketing: Leslie Mohr
Director of Marketing: Jaclyn Park
Assistant Brand Manager: Brenton Gettmann

Production Company: Laundry

Creative Directors: Tony Liu, PJ Richardson
Executive Producer: Garrett Barren
Producer: Laura Yurich
Editor: Justin Freedman
Designers: Yoojin Seoul, Myung Yu, Thierno Bah, Reza Zebardast
Animation & Compositing: Brett Albert, Yang Liu, Alan Ng, Xirui Liu, Aziz Dozmetov, Aaron, Seigo, Ryan Kirkwood, Alicja Jacina, Lucas De la Torre, Mike Burgoyne

Sound: Lime Studios

Audio Mixer: Loren Silber
Audio Assistant: Mark Nieto
Executive Producer: Susie Boyajan

Sebastian Robertson

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