Dentyne “Blog Smog”

We all know the feeling. You’ve been in a zone, laboring in front of your computer for hours without so much as a single “real” interaction with another sentient being besides your cat — even he winces when you respond
to his purr with an affectionate greeting. You’ve got “blog smog,” which is the focus of that stale, unpleasant breath that plagues folks in this animated clip from McCann Erickson. The spot introduces a green character — wearing a T-shirt declaring “I think, therefore I blog” — launching out of his house to pass along some tidbit of useless information to a neighbor, who promptly collapses as a result of the rancid rant. More folks drop, leaves fall from trees, a cop plummets from his horse, etc. The ad, an unexpected offshoot of the “Make face time” campaign, has great fun with the isolated blogger stereotype and feels more like a late-night Adult Swim clip than a chewing gum commercial promising minty breath. On that score, it’s a breath of fresh air! –-Eleftheria Parpis