Digital Pulp Lands Plow & Hearth

Digital Pulp, a New York-based i-shop, has been tapped to relaunch the two-year-old Web site of multichannel retailer Plow & Hearth, which specializes in home, hearth, yard and garden merchandise. Plow & Hearth, based in Madison, Va., and located online at, is a wholly owned subsidiary of 1-800-FLOWERS, a Digital Pulp client since 1999.

“Plow & Hearth started out as a catalog company and they have a great relationship with their customers through the catalog,” said Lee Nadler, president and CEO of Digital Pulp. Over the past few years, Nadler said, the company had learned that many customers would search Plow & Hearth’s catalog and then order online.

“We’re going to go through a redesign basically to ‘re-merchandise’ products,” said Nadler. “There’s an opportunity to turn that site into more than an ordering vehicle and get into merchandising products around seasons and lifestyles. So you can up-sell and cross-sell different products that the consumer maybe wasn’t thinking about when they were just looking at the catalog.”

Nadler said Digital Pulp will redesign’s navigation as well as improve its buying processes. The site’s relaunch is slated for September.

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