Droga5 Cooks Up a Week’s Worth of Meals in Touching Ads for Blue Apron

'What Cooking Can Do' every night of the week

Blue Apron

In a sweet series of ads for Blue Apron, Droga5 shows people “What Cooking Can Do” every day of the week, whether it be allowing new parents to find some alone time (however briefly) or helping an old dog learn new tricks (i.e., a 76-year-old man picking up an apron for what may be the first time in his life).

The campaign features five unique stories—one each for Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, when Blue Apron meal kits are delivered to customers. The ads have been airing on their respective days this week, both offline and online. Each depicts a different yet relatable story, and shows why people choose to cook with Blue Apron.

“The Blue Apron brand represents so much more than ingredients in a box,” CMO Jared Cluff said in a statement. “Our product is an experience, and our brand signifies a love of home cooking, excitement and discovery, and deep, meaningful human connections. Over the past five years, we’ve received thousands of stories from customers who have shared with us the emotional and transformative experience they have had with our meals.” 

So what are those stories?

It’s Monday night. It’s raining. We see an exhausted man, clearly not looking forward to the rest of the 9-to-5 week ahead (we can all relate, right?). But in a selfless gesture, he rolls up his sleeves and surprises his significant other—who will be home from work soon, just as tired as him—with a home-cooked meal. Judging by his partner’s reaction, he made the right move.

It’s Tuesday evening. We meet a teenager. Life is hard. But he knows life is harder for Mom. He decides to show her what a good job she’s done raising him, and Blue Apron is there to help (along with his little sister). Grab the tissues, as Mom is obviously touched.

It’s Wednesday night—over the hump. We’re introduced to a couple of new parents. They’re scatterbrained, as new parents usually are. They finally get Junior settled down to sleep. Alone time at last. Time to cook (quietly!). They get through the meal without waking the baby. Hurrah! And then there’s a bit of a slip-up and the baby is awakened. Well, at least Blue Apron got them dinner on the table.

Thursday evening is here—the weekend is in view. We’re introduced to a 76-year-old man. He’s cooking. By the shocked look on his son’s face when he comes home to find the scene, we can deduce this is not a regular occurrence. “Mom would be proud,” the young man tells his father, in what seems to be a moment when the spot is about to take a drastically tear-jerking turn. The father’s lighthearted answer stops it short of becoming too emotional.

And now, it’s the moment we’ve all been waiting for—Friday. Droga5 ends the week on a light note, with a young woman cooking a batch of linguini over drinks for a group of girlfriends.

While the campaign focuses somewhat on the recipes Blue Apron offers, the spots are more of a tribute to the freedom one has when using the meals service.

“With this new campaign, we wanted to celebrate that a Blue Apron meal experience is not just about what you are able to cook, it’s who you become when you do,” noted Juliana Cobb, Droga5 group creative director.

Client: Blue Apron
Campaign: “What Cooking Can Do”
Chief Marketing Officer: Jared Cluff
Vice President, Marketing: Rani Yadav
Director, Content: Yaran Noti
Director, Design: Stephan Hoefnagels

Agency: Droga5 NY
Creative Chairman: David Droga
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Co-Directors of Interactive/Experiential: Justin Durazzo, Tasha Cronin
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Head of Communications Strategy: Colleen Leddy
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