Evian Teams Up With Louis Vuitton Designer Virgil Abloh to Create a Sustainable (and Chic) Water Bottle

They were passed out to New Yorkers at the Drip Drop event this week

Bottles from Evian's collaboration with Virgil Abloh - Credit by Getty Images
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With public concerns over climate change and its impact on the environment mounting, people around the globe are more conscious than ever of their plastic use. That puts bottled water brands, like Evian, in a tricky position.

That’s one reason why Evian is doubling down on its sustainability efforts, including the creation of plastic-free bottles and reusable water bottles that will keep people carrying the Evian brand around for far longer than the time it takes to finish one afternoon’s worth of H2O.

And two new water bottles, debuted as part of Evian’s “One Drop Can Make a Rainbow” collection, are leaning on the design expertise of Virgil Abloh, artistic director for Louis Vuitton menswear and Evian’s creative adviser for sustainable design, to create these new products.

One is a glass, limited-edition bottle covered in multicolored dots, and the other is a reusable water bottle with a wood cap and white sleeve that reads “Rainbow Inside” on it. The former is available online and at select retailers, while the reusable bottle is on sale at MatchesFashion.com.

On Thursday, Evian hosted an event in New York City to spread the word about these new bottles, called the Drip Drop event, and handed out the bottles to New Yorkers who dropped by—including glass bottles signed by Abloh himself.

“The notion that one drop of water can create a rainbow served as the inspiration and metaphor to drive my first project as ​Evian’s ​creative advisor for sustainable innovation design,” Abloh said of the bottle’s design, in a statement. “As light refracts through that droplet, it reveals its full polychromatic potential. We don’t see just water, we see infinite possibilities and inspiration for anyone. Everyone.”

The glass, limited-edition bottle from Evian is available at select retailers.

The partnership with Abloh wants “to bring innovation to the market in a more sustainable way, and within our tradition of passion of design, which is inherent to the DNA of the brand,” said Carolina Cespedes, Evian’s vp of marketing, in an interview with Adweek.

“He’s a trailblazer in this space,” said Cespedes of Abloh. “And he’s representing our target consumer, which is a young, very fashion-forward but also sustainability-minded person.”

In recent years, the company has made further moves into sustainability, using a bottling factory powered completely by renewable energy, nabbing the carbon neutral label in the U.S. and Canada, and making a global commitment to become a circular brand by 2025—meaning all their plastic bottles will be created from recycled plastic.

“We come from a natural source, and we are working with communities that surround it to protect it for generations to come,” Cespedes said. “Protecting the environment is part of our DNA. It’s the only way we can bring the quality of our natural spring water to the American consumer. It’s inherent to what we’re doing.”

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