In creating its online advertising agency, launched a service this month which includes an express request for proposal process as well as a virtual client conference room. Depending on a project’s complexity, the agency’s stated goal is to turn around proposals within 24 hours.
“The need we see from clients is for a high degree of speed, and to not get together for meetings saves time,” said principal Forest Harwood.
The virtual conference room has several interesting features. Using a password, the client can look at media schedules or strategic work in progress, listen to radio spots via RealAudio or watch a commercial in production. An art director can even access the site and make requested color changes to a print ad in real time while the client watches from the comfort of his or her own desk.
It’s certainly a convenience, but does this mean the end of airline mileage credits?
Said Harwood, “This is not to say we don’t believe in personal meetings and building [client] relationships. simply addresses the need for speed. This is a way that can help expedite the service part of this service industry.”
–J. Dee Hil

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