Fast-Food Driver’s Ed

Jack In The Box Touts Improved Drive-Thrus
LOS ANGELES–A new 30-second TV spot for Jack in the Box supports the fast-food chain’s efforts to improve communication with customers at its drive-thrus.
The San Diego-based chain is installing displays at all 1,400 of its restaurants that will allow customers to see what they’ve ordered and how much it costs. The goal, say company executives, is to boost order accuracy and customer retention.
Jack in the Box’s agency, Kowloon Wholesale Seafood Co. in Santa Monica, Calif., created the spot, which uses a mix of animation and live action to explain–with a humorous, exaggerated touch–how the new “hassle-free” drive-thru works. In the spot, a technician uses a computer-simulated demonstration to explain the system to Jack, the chain’s Ping Pong ball-headed chairman figure. But the technician has added a few over-the-top enhancements, including a car wax, massage, supermodel and large stack of cash for the customer. “That’s a little more than we talked about,” Jack says calmly.
“This is part of an overall initiative to improve the guest experience,” said Shirley Gines, a Jack in the Box representative. She noted that nearly 70 percent of the chain’s customers use the drive-thru. “It is to our benefit to improve our service by enhancing accuracy,” she said.
The ad breaks Nov. 2 in Phoenix and Flagstaff, Ariz., as well as in Las Vegas, and will gradually roll out to other Western markets in December, Gines said.

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