FCB Made Bandages for Kids That Heal Emotional Wounds, Not Physical Ones

Cute and clever campaign for Hansaplast

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As any parent knows, the vast majority of children’s tears come from emotional rather than physical pain.

So, in a clever bit of product development, FCB recently helped Hansaplast, the Beiersdorf adhesive-bandage brand, come up with bandages for those non-physical injuries that so torment kids in their younger years.

The product line is called Hearts. It includes five types of bandages for “the five primary heartaches that children ages 2-6 commonly experience,” according to FCB—little losses, growing up, small fights, small fears and mistakes.

A limited promotional giveaway in one of Belgium’s largest supermarkets was met with positive feedback from parents and children alike, the agency says.

FCB worked with a child psychologist to develop Hearts, which lends a certain professional cred to what parents already know—that kids love any kind of bandages, and these are surely charming and cute enough to redirect most children’s crying fits. (The bandages also use a new type of adhesive, FCB says, to even make peeling them off pain-free.)

Hearts is an FCB Global initiative led by its Belgium office, the aptly named FCB Happiness, in partnership with its global client hub for Beiersdorf at FCB Hamburg.

Client: Hansaplast (Beiersdorf)
General Manager, Beiersdorf Healthcare: Alexander Schwieger
Marketing Manager, Pharmacy Brands (SA Beiersdorf NV): Bénédicte Joguet

FCB Happiness:
Executive Creative Management: Karen Corrigan
Chief Creative Officer: Geoffrey Hantson
Creative Director: Philippe Fass

Concept Provider & Design: Laurie Lacourt
Concept Provider: Catherine Hermans
Copywriter FR: Bill Bilquin

Group Account Director: Isabelle Koelman
Account Manager: Anne-Lore Vestraets
DTP: Romaine Dhainaut
Graphic Designer: Anna Touvron
Graphic Designer: Lennert Vedts
Producer: Sophie Gunsbourg

FCB Global:
Chief Client Officer/Worldwide Account Director: Erika Darmstaedter

FCB Hamburg:
Global Account Director Hansaplast: Heike Brünjes

Film Director/DOP: Kassim Olivier
Editor/Animator: Simon Schuurman
Child Psychologist: Carole Grosman

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@nudd Tim Nudd is a former creative editor of Adweek.
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