Filament Travels Through Time

TV Spot Morphing Fast-Forwards NextGen
BOSTON–Filament Creative Services has crafted a quartet of visually arresting spots for the Finance Authority of Maine intended to raise awareness of a new tax- deferred college savings program.
Sponsored by Merrill Lynch, the NextGen College Investment Plan allows Maine families to start saving for their children’s education and apply the funds toward tuition at any college nationwide.
The 30-second spots follow four subjects from childhood to college age and back again.
In one execution, a father motions for his young son to “go long” for a pass. The football spins through the air, becoming lost in the sun. It floats over a college practice field, where the son–now a young adult–is on the team. As the ball hits him on top of his helmet, a voiceover suggests parents investigate the NextGen plan “because like you, he’s not going to get that football scholarship.” The spot closes with a return to the young boy and his dad.
All spots conclude with the line, “Help make the dream a reality.”
The spots broke on Maine stations late last year and will run through spring. Spending is in the mid six-figure range.
Merrill Lynch may help administer similar programs in other states. If so, Filament’s ads may be adapted for use in additional markets, said Paul Bonneau, who launched his creative boutique in Portland, Maine, two years ago.
Bonneau served as creative director, producer and art director on the NextGen ads, teaming with copywriter Charles Clement. K

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