Fitness Shouldn’t Be Robotic, Michelob Ultra Says in Its Super Bowl Spot

Brand unveils first of its 2 ads

Maluma makes a cameo in Michelob Ultra's 30-second Super Bowl spot. Michelob Ultra
Headshot of Kristina Monllos

Michelob Ultra unveiled the first of its two Super Bowl spots for this year. The 30-second ad from FCB Chicago uses robots as a metaphor for those who are so focused on their fitness journey that they don’t stop to enjoy it—or a beer.

“We’re coming off a really big year for Michelob Ultra,” said Azania Andrews, vp of marketing for Michelob Ultra. “In 2018, we saw our position grow from eighth in the industry to fourth and 14 straight quarters of growth. It’s amazing but with all of that growth, we still have tremendous opportunity to keep growing awareness for the brand nationally. With the base [Michelob Ultra brand], we still feel that there is room to leverage the country’s greatest marketing platform for Michelob Ultra and why we believe a life of balance is the best life to live.”

Michelob Ultra will have another spot in the Big Game, though that one will pitch its organic brew, Michelob Ultra: Pure Gold. Anheuser-Busch has not revealed when its brands’ ads will air during the Super Bowl.

“We wanted to use the robots because it’s a topic that’s been happening a lot in culture lately,” Andrews said. “There’s a lot of discussion about the rise of artificial intelligence and its impact on culture, so we felt like it was going to be timely, engaging and something consumers would lean into.”

Andrews added, “[The tagline], ‘It’s only worth it if you enjoy it,’ in my mind, is an elevated way of saying, ‘Live fit, live fun,’ which we introduced last year. It really drives home the idea that people want to live well and have a balance in life without too much compromise.”

The spot also kicks off a yearlong partnership with Latin music star Maluma, who makes a cameo in the ad. “He may not be as familiar to U.S. audiences yet, but he’s a huge star,” Andrews said.

“I’m so proud to represent my Latin culture during my first-ever Super Bowl commercial and also show people why it’s so important to keep it real, from life’s experiences to the ingredients in your beer,” Maluma said in a statement.

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