Flavour Goes Barhopping for Bacardi

NEW YORK Bacardi Canada this month launched an extension of its “On the inside” series for its Bacardi White brand, the first campaign from The Wolf Group’s Flavour Advertising in Toronto. The work, filmed live and unscripted inside Canadian nightclubs, aims for a you-are-there reality.

In the four 30-second television spots, the shop has edited together real footage filmed guerilla-style in nightclubs across Canada and narrates the sequences with onscreen words and phrases. In “Seduction,” shots from different clubs and on-screen graphics show viewers how to pick up the bartender the Bacardi White way. The words “Smile,” “Tip generously,” and “Promise to put them in a TV commercial” complement the visual action. In “Vernon,” a man at the end of the spot admits to being a virgin, just after the words “Be careful what you say to our camera” appear onscreen.

“We literally go out into the different clubs and just capture what’s happening,” said Matt Shoom-Kirsch, account director at Flavour Advertising. “There are always different things going on. They work well together, but definitely maintain locality and a feel for different places.”

The spots are airing throughout Canada, aiming to increase Bacardi White’s status to hip, urban trendsetters between the ages of 19 and 29, Shoom-Kirsch said. In the past, Bacardi had done most of its advertising in the U.S., he added.

Bacardi’s media spending was unavailable. The campaign’s first flight of TV spots ran February through April; a third series is slated to launch in November.

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