following in his footsteps

Campbell-Ewald Advertising is about to birth another novelist, as if Elmore Leonard were not enough.
And to gild the lily, Second Hand, the upcoming book by copywriter Michael Zadoorian, features a blurb by the Warren, Mich., shop’s famous son.
This is Zadoorian’s second novel, but the first to garner the attentions of a publisher, W.W. Norton & Co. “Second Hand hooked me right away–Zadoorian is a stylist with his own sound,” Leonard says in the book blurb. “He’s a very entertaining writer, hip and funny.”
Zadoorian said he spoke with Leonard on the phone after asking the famous author’s son-in-law, Jim Dudley–also a CEA copywriter–to share the book with him.
The book’s release date is March 6. But like Leonard, who wrote several books before leaving the shop, nine-year CEA employee Zadoorian said he plans to keep his day job, at least for now.
CEA houses several other copywriters/fiction writers as well. Pat O’Leary has published two science-fiction novels, and Nick Marine is working on a screenplay for Warner Bros.
–Tanya Irwi