For Denny’s, Driving Around America to Feed Veterans Is a Trip Back to Its Founding Purpose

The Heroes Tour is a pandemic-era initiative inspired by an Eisenhower-era restaurateur

Homeless vets who visit the Denny's truck between now and Nov. 22 will get a free meal. Denny's

If you open the menu at any Denny’s and flip to the sandwich section, you’ll see an item called The Super Bird. It’s a hefty Dagwood made with turkey, Swiss cheese, tomato and bacon wedged into grilled sourdough. It comes with fries and, for $10, it’s a perennial crowd-pleaser. In fact, for the past week or so, thousands of Americans have been ordering them. So, what’s the news? Well, many of these customers are nowhere near an actual Denny’s, and the chain picked up the tab.

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