Gatorade Presents Tiger’s ‘Woods of Wisdom’

NEW YORK Gatorade Tiger Focus has launched an animated journey into the “Woods of Wisdom.”
A 60-second commercial from Gatorade agency TBWA\Chiat\Day touts the reformulated product — which claims to provide advanced hydration to help promote mental focus — with a Disney-style tale voiced by Samuel L. Jackson as a wise bear guide to a school-age Tiger Woods.
A rat tees up the first ball, but Woods gets distracted by a cricket and becomes frustrated as the shot ricochets off trees and animals duck for cover. The bear, modeled after Woods’ father Earl, leads Tiger to “Focus Falls,” where he drinks from a rainbow colored cascade and the forest animals cheer him on with a “concentrate on being great” chant.
Back on course, his next swing sends the ball soaring. “Hydration for concentration” is the tagline.

Two additional spots will break in the next few months.
“Like everyone, I’ve worked hard to overcome challenges throughout my life, and ‘Woods of Wisdom’ showcases some of the moments that have shaped my ability to focus,” said Tiger Woods in a release.
The spot features original music composed by Boosty Collins of Parliament Funkadelic fame, and includes voiceovers by Tiger’s swing coach Hank Haney and caddie Steve Williams.
“Tiger Woods better than anyone communicates his new beverage’s benefits because consumers are used to seeing Tiger channel all of his mental abilities to succeed,” said Sarah Robb O’Hagan, chief marketing officer for Gatorade. “The creative delivery, storyline and music of ‘Woods of Wisdom’ create an experience that will resonate with athletes and active people, and remind them Tiger has focused on improving his game since he was a young boy.”
The creative team at TBWA\Chiat\Day included ecd Rob Schwartz, group cd/copywriter Jimmy Smith, group cd/art director Jerry Gentile and associate cd/copywriter Robin Fitzgerald.
In addition to creating the advertising for the relaunch, TBWA also redesigned the packaging.

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