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Are New Jersey and The Sopranos perfect together? It’s possible–at least for Winning Strategies Advertising, which recently broke its first ad promoting New Jersey Online’s coverage of the hit TV show.
The ad ran last weekend in The Star-Ledger for the client’s Web site, Copy reads, “Everything you ever wanted to know about The Sopranos but were too intimidated to ask.” A photo of the New Jersey crime family follows. The tag: “For places to go and things to see, New Jersey clicks here.”
“[The show is] all a New Jersey-centric kind of story,” said Art Stiefel, co-creative director at the Mount Laurel, N.J., shop, who also was the ad’s art director. “The character roles and the ways it plays out [are] wonderful for the state.”
Stiefel said Net and radio follow-ups highlighting the show, among other media, are possible for the client, whose site contains a chatroom and information on the show.
He added that the shop is in the process of starting a new outdoor branding campaign on billboards for the Jersey City, N.J., client as well, featuring the new tag, “What’s new in Jersey.” –Simon Butle