Here Are the Year’s 10 Best-Perceived Brands

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Amazon's foothold of the online retail space, as well as the company's success branching out into the media streaming space and telephone market, has earned it the top spot on YouGov's BrandIndex, which tracks the best-perceived brands of the year.

Out of 1,500 brands analyzed, Amazon, YouTube and Netflix—all online brands with media streaming services—topped the list, a first since YouGov began releasing this data annually in 2007. The firm polled 5,000 people daily, which adds up to roughly 1.2 million people interviewed during 2014 to determine which brands were most positively perceived. 

"Video streaming is becoming a bigger and bigger part of how people consume media," said Ted Marzilli, CEO of YouGov's BrandIndex. "We're seeing a lot of television, even movies, moving to streaming. [YouTube and Netflix] are very strong players in a segment of the market that is growing and will be growing pretty rapidly in the next 10 years."

The three highest-ranking brands tell a story about consumers and how they consume media migrating to more of their lives online, explained Marzilli. "With Samsung, Apple [and Google] also on the list, [the data] emphasizes that technology is so pervasive in our lives that people identify with the technology choices they make," he said.

Carnival Cruise Lines, while not on the top 10, saw the biggest gain in positive perception during 2014. Why? The brand is making good on its promise to recover: It created a $300 million safety program and underwent thorough reviews of its ships and new advertising. 

Below are the 10 best-perceived brands of 2014: 

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