Hill, Holliday Portrays The Lighter Side Of Fidelity In TV Spots Promoting A New Retirement Product

Humor and personality, attributes not generally associated with Fidelity Investments, are the hallmarks of a new campaign from Hill, Holliday, Connors, Cosmopulos.
Breaking this week are two commercials that promote the company’s new Roth IRA investment product by telling customers they can “retire with more.”
A 60-second spot features a son- in-law cleverly reciting a Fidelity ad on the back of a newspaper being held by his nudging father-in-law.
A 30-second ad features a man in the year 2028 telling viewers about the advantages of tax-free withdrawals from a Fidelity Roth IRA. A print execution slated to run in business magazines and major metropolitan dailies also features the so-called “Future Man” with a chart that compares the potential returns from a Roth IRA with those from a taxable retirement account.
“We’re moving toward the world of personality and [doing] a better job” of differentiating Fidelity in the minds of consumers. “I’m very happy” with how the relationship with Hill, Holliday is progressing, said Steve Cone, president of the customer marketing and development unit of Fidelity’s Personal Investments and Brokerage Group. “TV was in the concept stage when I arrived, and the shop has done a superb job delivering that and a print component that was worked in after I came aboard.” Cone joined Fidelity earlier this month from KeyCorp.
Even executives at Boston-based Hill, Holliday, which has handled corporate advertising for Fidelity since mid-1996, are expressing more satisfaction with the current campaign. “It’s getting better,” said one creative director.
As of Dec. 31, Fidelity had total managed assets of $606.6 billion.

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