How HBO Gave ‘Insecure’ Fans an In-Person Experience Before Season 3

An inside look at the network's efforts to market the show

HBO created a music festival that connected fans with the stars of the show. Dorothy Hong

Before Season 3 of HBO’s Insecure debuted on Aug. 12, the marketing team wanted to score some major buzz for the show. Especially considering Season 2 averaged 1.5 million viewers in live-plus-7 ratings, per Nielsen, thanks in part to the halo effect of its Game of Thrones lead-in, which it didn’t have this year. But even without help from the Thrones juggernaut, the show is averaging 1.1 million viewers per episode so far this year—a big increase from Season 1’s 0.6 million average—and received a quick renewal for Season 4, thanks in part to a massive marketing effort that included a number of large-scale events and social media pushes.

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