How HQ Trivia Got a Free Super Bowl Commercial (and Other Trivia About the Mobile Game Show)

'We haven't spent a dime in advertising'

- Credit by Editor: Josh Rios

While it has cooled off from its super hot early days, HQ Trivia still draws hundreds of thousands of players each day for its live games. What makes the mobile video experience so hot? And what keeps bringing people back?

Co-founder Rus Yusupov says it’s what you hear that he’s most proud of. “We spend a lot of time on the sound design and the music,” he tells us in this episode of I’m With the Brand.

Yuspov opens up about the original investor pitch, how he would have built the brand differently, and where he would spend his marketing dollars—if he spent any money at all. The game got a free spot in the Super Bowl, after all.

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