How Organic Valley Has Kept Farmers at the Core of Its Business

For starters, it's gotten them on Facebook

Video: Josh Rios; Editor: Breana Mallamaci

Leslie Kruempel has a unique title to represent a unique brand.

As mission executive of Organic Valley, she has grown the company’s marketing presence substantially in the years she’s been at the company.

Adweek caught up with Kruempel at the Brandweek: Challenger Brands event earlier this month, where she chatted about working with farmers to represent the brand, and the company’s distinct way of keeping them at the core of what they do.

“It’s been really fun to see how the work we’ve done to build the organic industry is now hitting mainstream,” Kruempel said. “It’s both really encouraging because we’re seeing more farmers, more farms convert to organic and it’s also a great challenge as a marketer for if all of these other companies are joining in what we’re doing, how do we keep pushing the envelope and doing new things and standing out?”

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