Huge Launches Its Own Online Magazine for Design and Tech Lovers

Magenta will publish weekly content

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Today Huge launched Magenta, an digital magazine focused on technology, created by a team within the agency. 

According to a blog post from executive editor Erin Schulte Collier, "Magenta is for people who think about the relationship between people, technology and design like it's their job."

"We've been rethinking content and what purpose it serves for our clients and our potential employees," Collier said. "We wanted somewhere that focused a little bit more on people and culture and things practitioners are talking about, so we launched Magenta. It's geared more towards our design and development peers."

"The people who are designing and developing the tech products that we are all using on a daily basis, the thinking was now that tech is such an engrained part of our lives, any context you can bring to help people feel and think about using it is valuable to the people who are building it," she added.

The idea for the project kicked off about three months ago, with the Magenta staff spending the summer coming up with content for this site. Four people, including Collier, currently work full-time on the publication, which will continue to publish new stories each week. Belinda Lanks, a Fast Company and Wired alum, Mariam Aldhahi and Lauren Streib make up the rest of the Magenta team.

Stories on the site so far range from "Why Humans Want AI to Fail," written by Huge's lead of Data Science and Analytics, Michael Horn to "The Low-Tech Cure" by Sarah Larson. The site will also include a number of recurring series including creative process stories and on the ground research articles detailing how people are using or not using technology in different cities and spaces.

For now content will remain digital only, but Collier noted that if there's an opportunity in the future to put some of the stories into a print product, the team at Magenta would look into it.

Huge isn't the first agency to venture into the publishing world. A few weeks back JWT launched its own print magazine, Glass, aimed at women and put together using data and insights from the agency's innovation think tank. 

@ktjrichards Katie Richards is a staff writer for Adweek.
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