In Sprint’s Super Bowl Ad, Robots Ridicule Their Maker for Having Verizon

If AI sees the value in switching to Sprint, shouldn't humans?

Evelyn ridicules her maker for not switching to Sprint in Super Bowl spot. - Credit by Sprint
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Sprint unveiled its full 60-second Super Bowl LII ad today, set to air in the first quarter of the game. While the ad mirrors last year’s Sprint commercial in ridiculing its biggest competitor, Verizon, its tactics have apparently evolved.

The Super Bowl spot, “Do the math and switch to Sprint,” (the second Big Game commercial Droga5 has handled for Sprint) sees Evelyn the robot ridiculing her maker for still being a Verizon customer.

She explains, why pay twice as much for the same service?

A gang of other robots then join in on mocking him. One went so far as to tease, “You have a dumb face.”

Naturally, at the end of the spot, we find the robot maker switching his service to Sprint, with the help of the carrier’s spokesman Paul Marcarelli (who notoriously switched himself to Sprint after being Verizon’s spokesman for years).

Droga5 said in a statement the point of the ad is to show that if artificial intelligence can see the value of switching to Sprint, shouldn’t humans?

On Wednesday, Sprint released two cryptic 15-second teasers that depicted Evelyn learning what appeared to be the essentials of being a millennial human (taking the perfect selfie). A message read at the end of those teasers, “See what else she’s learned. 02.04.18.”

Watch the full ad here:

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