Infographic: Here Are the Types of Ads Super Bowl LI Viewers Are Most Looking Forward to

'King of Beers' still reigns supreme

People are especially excited to see Budweiser's and Coke's ads. Rebecca Nelson/Getty Images
Headshot of Emma Bazilian

While it’s impossible to know just which of Super Bowl LI’s advertisers will score the biggest touchdown with consumers, the prediction game is getting a little easier thanks to new survey from data company Fluent, which asked likely viewers what they’re most looking forward to seeing (and how they’ll be watching it).

While some of the results were obvious—who doesn’t love cute animals?—others were less expected. “One big take-away is that despite Twitter’s partnership with the NFL to deliver livestreaming through its service, it still was the lowest ranked social media network we surveyed consumers about when it comes to where they will be following along,” said Fluent CMO Jordan Cohen.

His other trend of note: Brewers rule. “[Americans] love beer and have come to expect that beer companies are going to deliver the most entertaining ads during the Super Bowl,” he noted. “Bud isn’t just King of Beer, but King of Super Bowl Advertisers.”

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@adweekemma Emma Bazilian is Adweek's features editor.