Infographic: It’s Not Just Millennials Who Are Glued to Their Phones

From Gen Z to the silent generation

Almost half of seniors have a smartphone, and 38 percent have a mobile phone that's not a smartphone. iStock Photo
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As marketers and advertisers navigate an ever-changing mobile landscape, a pitfall is emerging: the temptation to only target younger generations with mobile ads. New research from Porter Novelli shows that millennials and Gen Zers aren’t the only ones glued to their phones—almost half of seniors have a smartphone, and 38 percent have a mobile phone that’s not a smartphone.

Sixty-two percent of people older than millennials use their phones all day long. And while Gen Z and millennials spend the most time on social media (71 and 78 minutes a day, respectively), older generations spend a solid amount of time on social networks as well—about 58 minutes for Gen X, 46 minutes for boomers and 32 minutes for the silent generation.

“It’s increasingly important to understand how technology is rapidly changing how Americans are connected, which has a tremendous impact on their behavior, attitudes and consumption of content,” said Justin Greeves, svp, strategic planning, analytics and research at Porter Novelli.

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